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The Magnolia Ballet

*National new play network rolling world premiere 2022

A Southern Gothic fable about a Queer Black boy, his father and the ghosts that live in the walls of their old family home. Spanning 400 years, the show explores the complex relationships between multiple generations of Black and White people living in the state of Georgia.

"This tender, searing, funny, and thoroughly moving new piece by Terry Guest, packs more humanity in its 95 minutes than many projects do over multiple acts."

-Chicago Reader 

"If you follow new American works, see this show!"

-Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

"The Magnolia Ballet is exceptional."

- Buzznews

Cast size: 4

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Upcoming Productions:

Williamston Theatre, Williamston, MI

Plowshares Theatre, Detroit, MI

Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo, NY 


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At The Wake of a Dead Drag Queen

A one-act play about Blackness, southern queerness, and the fine art of drag. From African Gods and Goddesses to Trina and Whitney Houston, At the Wake thoughtfully uses storytelling, drama and drag to explore identity, illness, and the narratives we construct for ourselves. Come party at the wake. Bring your own heels!

"Please go see this show, and take some tissues. This play is a beautiful and moving tribute to Courtney Berringers, a powerful gift to all femmes who live at the intersections of multiple oppressions, and a reminder to–above all else–live and love as fiercely as we can, while we can." 

-Rescripted Chicago

Cast Size: 2

Run Time: 90 minutes


Marie Antionette and the Magical Negroes

Using trap music, poetry, and time travel Marie Antionette and the Magical Negros reimagines the myth of the lost monarchy and puts the story into the hands and mouths of Black people.

Cast Size: 7

Run Time: 100 Minutes

Upcoming Productions:

The Story Theatre, Chicago IL

Single Carrot Theatre, Baltimore, MD


Andy Warhol Presents: The Cocaine Play

A surreal and emotional examination of fame, art, beauty, love and betrayal through the lens of Andy Warhol and friends, reimagined as Black characters.

Cast Size: 4

Run Time: 2 Hours

Andy Jonathan.jpg

The Madness of Mary Todd

*Comissioned as a part of the Goodman Playwrights Unit, 2020

This epic historical comedy imagines Mary Todd in the years following her husband's death. She is dealing with a raven that won't leave her alone, a son who can't do anything on his own and the ghost of Nancy Reagan who lived in her wall. Being a former first lady isn't as easy as it looks. 

Cast Size: 5

Run Time: 2 Hours

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